Windmills are iconic symbols of the Netherlands, and the Kaag & Braassem region is no exception. This area, situated in the province of South Holland, boasts several picturesque windmills that not only add to the charm of the landscape but also serve as functional structures for various purposes.

Lijkermolen 1 (Rijpwetering)

The windmills are all part of the picturesque landscape of the Kaag & Braassem region in the Netherlands. Each of these windmills has its own unique history and character: Akkerslootmolen, Dekkermolen, Geestmolen, Googermolen, Kalkmolen, Lijkermolens (1 & 2), Moppenmolen, Rode Molen Veendermolen & Waterloosmolen.

These windmills serve various purposes such as drainage, grinding grain, or sawing timber, and they contribute to the rich cultural heritage of the area. If you’re ever in the region, taking a tour to explore these windmills can offer a fascinating glimpse into the past and the traditional Dutch way of life.

Here is a photographic impression of the windmills Kaag & Braassem