The Rijnhaven (Rhine harbour), located between Katendrecht and Wilhelminapier,  is one of the oldest ports on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas River, dating from 1895. The port had a transshipment function and was later a berth for barges.

Rijnhaven (update 14.03.2024)

In, on and along the Rijnhaven with its historic quays, industrial monuments and beautiful vistas, a new piece of city centre will emerge.

One-third of the harbour basin will be filled in. There will be 3,000 homes on that site, all adjacent to a newly created park. There will be social rental houses, medium-sized rental and owner-occupied houses and expensive houses. So there really is something for everyone. Besides the ‘land park’, floating parks will be created on the quays on both sides of the Rijnhaven. Jetties and footbridges will soon allow you to walk from park to park and do a real Rijnhaven lap. The water, which is now virtually inaccessible, will become touchable with these floating parks. There will also be a Maritime Centre in the middle of the Rijnhaven.

Rijnhaven (update 13.02.2024)

Here is a photographic impression of the Rijnhaven.