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  • photography Apenheul Primate Park

    photography Apenheul Primate Park

    [November 23, 2020] Apenheul Primate Park is a zoo in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. It specializes in apes and monkeys. It opened in 1971 and was the first zoo in the world where monkeys could walk around freely in the forest and between the visitors. It started with just a few species, […]

  • photography Taman Indonesia

    photography Taman Indonesia

    [November 8, 2020] Taman Indonesia (English: Indonesian park) is a small zoo in Kallenkote in the Dutch Province of Overijssel. It is specialized in animals from Indonesia and Eastern Asia with mainly birds like the rare Balistarling and other small mammals like the Leopard cat and the Asian palm civetcat. There […]

  • photography Ouwehands Zoo

    photography Ouwehands Zoo

    [November, 5 2020] Ouwehands Zoo is a zoo in Rhenen, in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The zoo is located on the Laarschenberg, a “mountain” that makes up the south-eastern tip of the great Utrecht Hill Ridge. The zoo’s founder, Cor Ouwehand, had moved from Rotterdam to Rhenen to start a cigar […]