[November, 5 2020] Ouwehands Zoo is a zoo in Rhenen, in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The zoo is located on the Laarschenberg, a “mountain” that makes up the south-eastern tip of the great Utrecht Hill Ridge.

Pandasia in Ouwehands Zoo 104615

The zoo’s founder, Cor Ouwehand, had moved from Rotterdam to Rhenen to start a cigar factory, but changed his mind and started a chicken farm on the Grebbeberg in 1919, where he held a number of other animals as well, including raccoons, peacocks, and pheasants, quickly drawing public interest. During the Great Depression of the 1930s the chicken farm lost much of its business, though people kept coming to look at the animals, leading Ouwehand to turn his farm into a zoo. He visited European zoos to gather ideas, and opened his on 18 June 1932.

Here is an impression of the city of Ouwehands Zoo on the new (stock photo) website designjaap.online