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  • photography Duivenvoorde Castle

    photography Duivenvoorde Castle

    [September 27, 2021] Duivenvoorde Castle (Dutch: Kasteel Duivenvoorde) is a castle in the town of Voorschoten, South Holland, in the Netherlands. It was first mentioned in 1226, making it one of the oldest castles in South Holland. The castle is remarkable in that it has never been sold, which can […]

  • photography Dinghuis (Ding House) Maastricht

    photography Dinghuis (Ding House) Maastricht

    [September, 6] The Dinghuis (Ding House) is a building in downtown Maastricht, Netherlands, constructed at the end of the 15th century. (Ding is the Dutch name for the governing assembly known in most Germanic languages as a thing). The building was constructed in the gothic style of architecture. The northern fa├žade, built around 1470, […]

  • photography constructing Highway A16 De Groene Boog

    photography constructing Highway A16 De Groene Boog

    [September, 2] Consortium De Groene Boog is constructing a new energy-neutral motorway between the A13 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport and the A16/A20 at Terbregseplein. The 11km-long A16 Rotterdam ensures that traffic on the A13, A20 and surrounding local roads will soon be able to flow more smoothly. The road, […]